#FancyCasual is an essential aspect of my design style. I love beautiful gowns, high heeled shoes, complicated up-dos and massive chandelier earrings but the reality of my world is a laid back lifestyle full of family entertaining, bush walks with a slobbery dog, classroom teaching and window shopping. So essentially I live a very casual life where glamorous outfits are impractical as well as uncomfortable.

This is why I use the phrase #FancyCasual to define my style. It is simple, comfortable and welcoming while still being upmarket, elegant and sophisticated.

#FancyCasual reaches into all aspects of my life- from the way I dress myself, to the way I style my home, from the food I cook to the restaurants I frequent, from my days at home to my holidays away.

Being #FancyCasual is part of our everyday modern way of living, and I invite you to share your #fancycasual style on Instagram.


Fresh homemade pavlova (credit to my gorgeous sister-in-law)

Fancy Casual

Sweet 10, being #FancyCasual on our way to lunch in Fremantle


Champagne at sunset on the beach for my 40th with Mr Eden

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