It’s a wrap…actually it’s more of a scarf.

As the year draws to a close (let’s face it I’m not going to get much done other than Christmas in December) I’ve been reflecting on the past 18 months since I first took the bold move to buy Module 1 of Make it in Design’s (MIID) Art and Business of Surface Pattern (ABSPD).

Since then I’ve become a bit of a course junkie, completing all three modules of ABSPD as well as Make Art That Sells (MATS) courses in Home Decor and also Bootcamp. I also participated in the MIID Summer school and have completed Bonnie Christine’s CreativeLive Class.  I became a huge fan of Teela Cunningham and worked my way through her Skillshare classes as well as her free tutorials on her website ( Honestly, that woman can teach!! She has the mad skills!

I’ve been inspired to make my own online course (the excellent e-course Masterclass by Beth Kempton is just what you need if you feel similarly inspired)- mine is  a work in progress. And I’ve taken Beth’s Do What You Love course (perfect for those who are looking to make sense of their journey). From that course I know that although I love teaching and my job security I love designing surface patterns. My paid job supports this passion and maybe one day I’ll be able to earn an income from designing.

So the next big steps towards being a paid designer is to get a portfolio together. I’ve carefully considered my options and decided that MIID’s Ultimate Portfolio Builder is for me. I’m also slowly exploring manufacturing options which I will cover in another blog- but needless to say you don’t always get what you expected and in this case my scarf is more of a wrap.


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