I am Claire Eden an experienced visual artist, designer and art teacher. I live in Kalamunda which is located in the beautiful Perth Hills of Western Australia.


My design style is classic with a contemporary twist. I like to call it #FancyCasual.

I’m inspired by the natural environment especially flowers and shadows. My designs reflect my lifestyle goals… they are beautiful and elegant while also being relaxed and suitable for everyday.

I use traditional and digital media to draw and paint my designs and then scan the artwork before creating the patterns in Photoshop.

I’ve been a practicing artist all my adult life and have exhibited in various group shows – mostly showing oil paintings. I’ve always been interested in print-making and textiles and  I love computer design. These interests have recently merged as I have taken four courses in surface pattern design and another two in designing for home decor. It has been really exciting to see how my fine art-making skills have translated into practical commercial designs.

I’ve been teaching art for 20 years – mostly in the classroom to high school students. I love teaching and get so much joy out of seeing my students progress.

Please contact me by email for further information about:

  • Design licensing or purchases
  • Commissions
  • Workshops

email: claire@claireedendesign.com

instagram: Mrs.Eden

facebook page: Claire Eden Design



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