Studying at Central St Martins has been a dream of mine since I worked out it was the sacred ground of some of my fashion design heroes. I wanted to soak up the Alexander McQueen goodness and find my Stella McCartney cool- girl vibe. So when I knew that I would be heading to London in late 2018 I very carefully considered all my financial options (for a seriously long time) and then I took the plunge and spent the big bucks (very big bucks) on a week long short course. 
The college has moved sites since the hallowed days of my heroes and is now situated close to the newly gentrified Kings Cross area, in a old warehouse that’s been completely redesigned. My course was in “Digital Design for Textiles” and they very first thing the class did was jump on a tube over to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the “Fashioned from Nature” exhibition. I had already been the week before but I didn’t mind at all. The V&A is one of my favourite places in the world.

Beetle wings -nature’s sequins!

The course was awesome and I loved every second. I probably didn’t learn anything completely new but I do love learning how other people design, and I just loved being at art college. I would totally recommend the experience if you’ve got time on your hands in London.
If you would love to learn about digital design but can’t make it to London, let me show you how to make “digital designs for textiles” in my new workshop. Check out the workshop links for all the details.
From painting...
From painting... computer.... computer.... repeat textile design! repeat textile design!
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