The original pattern pieces
I draw the write way and then trace it on the back to make it in reverse
Everything needs to be in reverse because you iron on the back
Cut the letters out after you've ironed on the double sided adhesive
Zig-zag around each piece to secure to the bag.
Almost finished
Merry Christmas
In 2002 I made my first Christmas Bag. It was for my daughter and it was, and still is, gorgeous - just like her.
Then I made them for my niece and nephew, and my BFF's boy, and some other cuties in my Mother's group, and some friends of those friends, and sew on and sew on...
Over the next 7 years I hand made about 50 bags.  I was so over making them after about 30 bags but I really didn't want siblings to miss out. So I eventually said, enough, I'm only making them for newborn siblings who would otherwise feel missed out (can you tell that I'm the second child?).
So I think its been about 8 or 9 years since I last made a bag. 
And then... LEO!! 
My little brother is now a Dad and that makes me an Aunty again, and that means all the traditions need to be wheeled out and dusted off.
I was genuinely surprised to find that I still had all the original patterns in an old paper bag. I thought that they might not have "Sparked Joy" in the great Marie Kondo clean out of 2017.
I decided to make the snowman on a red base. He, the snowman, first appeared on my second daughter's Christmas bag in 2004. Her bag is green...I'm still not sure that was the best choice but she loves it and wouldn't have it any other way.
I couldn't seem to locate the letter chart that I made, although I know that I've seen it recently. However, it wasn't too tricky to write out Leo so that wasn't a problem.
I got all of my supplies from Spotlight. I thought about designing my own fabric but it really seemed too much, when there is already so much to choose from.
I use double sided iron adhesive to secure the appliqué pieces to the bag, then I sew in a small tight zig-zag stitch around all the pieces. I finish off with a bit of free-hand machine embroidery to draw the stick arms and smile.
Originally, I used a glitter ribbon to make the bag ties but I swapped it out for a tartan ribbon to match his scarf. The glitter was too messy.
All up, I'm happy with the result, although I think I could have shuffled the whole thing over to the left.
I'm hoping that I will get to make at least one more bag in the next few years (no pressure guys). 
If you want to use my patterns to make your own Christmas bags, you will find a downloaded PDF in the resources section (that I'm working on, - email me if I haven't made it yet and you want to get started.)
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