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Hello, I’m Claire Eden artist, designer and teacher. 
I live in Kalamunda which is located in the beautiful Perth Hills of Western Australia.
My design style is classic with a contemporary twist. I like to call it “Fancy Casual”. It is simple, comfortable and welcoming while still being upmarket, elegant and sophisticated.
I'm inspired by the natural environment especially flowers and shadows. My designs reflect my lifestyle goals... they are beautiful and elegant while also being relaxed and suitable for everyday.
I use traditional and digital media to draw and paint my designs and then scan the artwork before creating the patterns in Photoshop. I've always been interested in print-making and textiles and  I love computer design. 
I've been teaching art for 20 years - mostly in the classroom to high school students. I love teaching and get so much joy out of seeing my students progress.
I’m really excited to be offering design workshops, for adults, in Digital Design for Textiles. In these sessions I’ll share my knowledge about how to take your drawings and paintings from paper to digital prints. If you’ve ever dreamed of putting your art onto textiles be sure to book into the next workshop. 
A range of my fabric designs are available for on demand print through 
Please contact me if there is a design that you like 
that isn't currently available in the Next State library.
Or email me for further information about:
Design licensing and purchases * Commissions * Workshops * Bespoke Designs
Instagram: Mrs.Eden
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