Where to start... there's so many things that I want to do and so many things that I have started and not finished....
Currently, I'm really keen to develop one of my favourite patterns into a bigger collection. This is my long term goal: I want to make collections for fabric (fashion, quilting and home decor) and sell them/licence them for production. Even though I'd love to have a little brand of my own (lounge wear and lifestyle items) I get a bit overwhelmed when I think about actually manufacturing something (Maybe that's actually my long term, far away goal!) I'm going to give myself a deadline of the end of January (which is actually quite awhile away but I have all these other things...)
I'm embroidering a cot blanket for my new nephew Leo. These are known as "Aunty Blankets" because I have made them for all the kids in the family. My first niece got two (I was pretty excited to be a first time Aunty!!) The blanket is getting pretty close to being the top of the "Must-do" list or it will not make the Christmas deadline. I initially wanted to design some fabric for the back of the blanket but this is causing me to not do anything at all. I'm going to admit defeat on that one and head down to SpotLight to see if the cute "Bees and Honey" fabric is available. Wow, I already feel heaps better just admitting that to myself. 
I have a pre-Christmas deadline to make a "Santa Sack". All the other kids (much older nieces, nephew, my kids, my friends kids) have these very special hand-made and personalised Christmas bags dating back to 2002. So of course, the new bub needs one too! They are gorgeous classics and much loved. I'm going to make sure that I blog about how I make Leo's and share my pattern so that this tradition can be shared with other families too. I'm going to get cracking on this ASAP.
The traditions don't stop there! I had painted wooden letters for all the kids in the family. There were letters for the Christmas tree and whole names for bedroom doors (Can you tell that I wasn't teaching during this time of my life???). My mum has already told me that she has bought the letters (traditions are important - especially handmade ones).
What else is there? (apart from my full-time teaching load and my daughter who is doing her ATAR exams).....I've got plans to keep my studio workshops going in 2020 and I want to start a Private Facebook group for my workshop students, so that we can support each other in our designing). I'd like to make some online lessons to show my workflow and help others develop their own patterns. I'm also keen to do some workshops in traditional textile decoration and design too. Oh and I'm waiting for a metre of fabric to arrive from the US. I had some fabric woven!!! I'm super excited to see what it looks like - I'm thinking it will be great for cushions and zipper purses (Also known as Christmas presents!)
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