I am not a fan of email newsletters. I almost always unsubscribe immediately (once I've got that supercool opt-in freebie).
There are very few businesses that I want to have cluttering up my inbox. #DigitalMinimalism
So with that in mind I don't think I'll be doing a regular "newsletter" or an opt in "freebie"...
...but I will have a mailing list. It is to simplify my life as much as yours. I want to be able to let you know when I'm running a workshop or if I've made something online that you might want.
I also want to make it super easy for you to STOP getting emails if you decide that what I'm offering is not for you. At this stage the easiest way is to set up a mail service. I'm going to try Mailchimp.
If you want to be in the mailing list please opt in below....

It looks like denim right? It isn't, it is just wearing a textured layer...Find out how to create this effect and more in my workshops and if I ever get around to it my online tutorials.

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