I’m a massive fan of Rachael Taylor and all of the team at Make it in Design.
I started my journey into digital design because I wanted to know how to get my drawings into repeat patterns and onto fabric. I already had pretty decent photoshop skills but no clue about how to get my ideas onto fabric.
Thankfully, Rachael’s excellent online courses explained everything and “bonus!” there were other people on the courses, just like me, who loved textile design, who became my online friends.
I was a bit sad when I finished my final module (The Ultimate Portfolio Builder) as I didn’t want the journey to end. So when the Make it in Design team announced “The Colour Gang” - a club for textile designers - I signed up straight away.
Each month a new theme is announced and loads of useful information is shared. There are colour themes, guest interviews, design briefs and flash challenges to keep the creative juices flowing.
Highly recommended A+

Each month Rachel runs a Facebook live session and shares a flash challenge

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