I love workshops - maybe because I love learning new things and I love sharing my knowledge and skills with my own students.
I had a great time at the recent  Home_Work, Textiles Masterclass at Stackwood Studios in Fremantle. It’s great to get back to being hands on with traditional media. 
There were so many lovely people there all ready to find out more about the fascinating world of silkscreen textiles. 
However,  the really interesting and motivating take away from the workshop for me,  was the desire for people to know more about preparing their designs for digital printing. 
So it just seems to make absolute sense for me to offer my own series of workshops in ‘Digital Design for Textiles”.
I’m so excited to be able to share all the amazing tips and techniques that I’ve amassed in my own design journey. So grab your drawings, boot up the laptop - let’s get digitising!
All information about workshops found in the menu tab.
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