Today I'm so thrilled to have received my sample of jacquard woven fabric featuring a range of my designs from Wovns. I have called the collection "Summer Mood" but it is actually a mixture of old and new patterns reworked for the specifications of the jacquard loom.
Wovns is a company in the US that will weave fabric on demand. Once you have decided on your design you then select one of two weave options. Next you select your colour palette, which is limited to the preset options. There's actually quite a big range but it is very monochromatic. It doesn't seem possible to add in that POP of colour. Although, it is possible that I just haven't managed to work that bit our yet.
The texture of the weave changes based on the colour choice. Even subtle colour changes create dramatic textural differences. I've included some close up images in the photo grid below so that you can see the texture. I'm also posting the original placement design that I uploaded to the website. The colours are different, but not dramatically, and I took the photos of the fabric outside in only so-so lighting.
Overall, I'm super impressed with this product and I plan to make some cushions and zipper bags. I will also design a pattern for a throw rug now that I know what's what!
It took about 4 weeks for the fabric to arrive and I'm pretty sure I did express post. So plan ahead. 
Apologies for the creases throughout the photos - I was too excited to iron it before I photographed it. 
I found out about Wovns via the Adobe Create magazine. There was an article about Pascale Dilger, a textile artist who stitches back into her designs to add embellishments. Go check her out on Instagram! 
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